BMS S02E12 SHEP HYKEN Smilin’ and Dialin’

Shep-Hyken-Headshot-Tie-LRShep Hyken says all the things we’ve been saying about the state of Customer Service.  But he says it to a big audience. He spreads his “do the right thing” ideal with high profile consultation, bestselling books, keynote speeches and corporate training. We discuss the impact that social media has in our efforts to hold companies and services accountable. Shep talks about his music experiences and we tie that in with a quick listen to the classic “United Breaks Guitars” by Dave Carroll.
Thanks for listening and have a great day!

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BMS S02E11 SCOTT MacGRAW Angry Republican

MacGrawIn Part Two of the experiment, I again try to remain neutral and let Scott have the chance  to let his opinions out and express some anger. As expected, there’s a fair share of Hillary bashing and frustration, but there’s also a slight degree of mellowing with age apparent in Scott’s tone. Nonetheless, there are some strong feelings here and I do my best to egg him on with some high-profile “Liberal talking heads” soundbites and a clip of a guy called The Liberal Redneck. Hi-fives to both Scott and Erik for being brave and honestly letting it all out!

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BMS S02E10 ERIK SZPYRA Angry Democrat

SzpyraIn these next two episodes, I try to remain neutral and listen to the things that are making both sides mad in the political circus. First up, it’s Erik calling from Chicago. He’s not shy at all about pointing out the hypocrisies in Washington politics and brings a modest dose of anger mixed with some concern for his own “side”. I use some soundbites to prod him and he uses some humor to make some thought provoking points. Here’s just one example of the many opinions coming from the Left. Tomorrow we’ll get it from the Right.

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BMS S02E09 ROBERT M KNIGHT Knight Visions

Rogue_KnightMusic and Photography come together in a special fashion in the documentary Rock Prophecies. Our guest, RMN is the focal point of the movie, as he recalls stories of his connections to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix and countless others. In this candid conversation he goes into even more detail about his skills at gaining access and the resulting lifelong friendships he’s made.

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BMS S02E08 ROGER WISHNER Wishner’s Universe

Our coverage of the Convention in Cleveland came full circle with Roger running into Jesse Waters after mentioning him several times during the week! Our final installment covers the final evening of the Dog and Pony Show and Roger talks with a few more folks on the street and in the arena. He was dressed for the occasion on his visit to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall Of Fame and we hear about the highlights. It’s a been a fun week from Cleveland and we thank Roger for his enthusiastic participation.

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BMS S02E07 ROGER WISHNER More From Cleveland

RogABCOur Republican Convention reporter is falling in love with Cleveland and making the best of his first ever visit. He details the drastic security measures in place and speaks to a few of the folks in attendance and working in the area in the debut of his new role as “man on the street”. We’ve got a lighter, more objective viewpoint of the event than you can expect from traditional media. Jesse has Watters’ World. Roger has Wishner’s Universe! At least, until they take the credentials away.

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BMS S02E06 ROGER WISHNER Hello Cleveland!

WishnerTrumpWe’re on location for the Republican Convention with former Sunrise Florida Mayor Roger Wishner! In Part One, Bill recaps the events of Opening Night and Roger shares the atmosphere and tone in and around the arena going into the 2nd night. We make plans for some Man In The Street segments to follow tomorrow and Roger contributes some valuable political opinions on the general state of affairs today. We can’t help be a little silly but this is a serious important time in our Nation.

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BMS S02E05 TOMMY BRAGA Blue Sunday

FB_IMG_1468616609247This Law Enforcement veteran joins me for one of the most important and topical episodes this show has published. While we were recording this, another tragedy was taking place in Louisiana. Officer Braga spent 30 years in many roles from Detective to Crisis Intervention to Patrol Officer and Security detail. His somber tone for the current culture we are in is apparent and we cover everything from guns to traffic stops, social media’s influence and more. And, we take a surprising musical turn near the end!
Thank you for your service, Officer.

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BMS S02E04 KEITH MEDLEY Scratchin’ Itches

KeithMHarpGuitarA surname that says music. An artist with beautiful music in his mind and the skills to construct an instrument that could play it. A project put on hold for about 20 years while life got in the way. Reattaching to that project and seeing it through to completion. All of these elements come together in two distinct masterpieces, Keith Medley’s spectacular harp guitar and “Ancestors”, the gem he recorded with it. One of the finest moments of our show from one of our finest guests! Keith Medley Music Website

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BMS S02E03 GENE MEROLA A Page In Comedy

bc6379_6c9424c7ea5b4e639190a435cdbf96c9.jpg_srz_283_407_85_22_0.50_1.20_0He’s as much a part of South Florida’s entertainment history as Jimmy Buffett, Vanilla Ice or Esther Rolle. Gene Merola’s character and humor became a huge part of Fort Lauderdale’s nightlife in its grandest era. We spend time on the personal, soothing and therapeutic qualities of comedy, the experience of running a club, Staten Island and much more and have a couple of much needed laughs. Plus, hear the details on a couple of upcoming gigs July 16 and 21!

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