THREE UP ON SEVENTEEN PuttCast – Chapter 3

3UpPodCoverWe meet more characters on the course while hearing examples of the origins, complexities and implications of “wagering”in golf. Did the shepherds risk property and possessions to make the ancient version of the game more interesting? Is your handicap suited to play against big shots? How much is “too much”?This chapter of 3Up will help you answer, or least ponder these questions and more.

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THREE UP ON SEVENTEEN PuttCast – Chapter 2

3UpPodCoverCHAPTER TWO Putting – A National Crisis
After last Sunday’s U.S. Open drama, this is a timely and fitting chapter from 3Up! You’ll hear a couple of stories that exemplify the complexity of what is arguably the most difficult aspect of the great game. Meet Joe, Mike, Todd and Big John, just a few of the many characters featured in this book, and learn of their antics on the putting greens of Westchester County, NY and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You may even learn some tricks you can try in your next big stakes round of golf!

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THREE UP ON SEVENTEEN PuttCast – Chapter 1


Starting today we will be posting these podcasts of individual chapters of “Three Up On Seventeen”, the book written by my Dad last year. It’s an informative and humorous look “inside the ropes” of the great game of golf and the characters and life lessons associated with it. “Three Up On Seventeen is perfect gift for Fathers Day!
Available now at a substantial savings (84%!!) right now at Amazon!

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BOBBY NATHAN BAND – Keepin’ Busy With The Blues

Bobby Nathan’s been touched by the blues since the 60s. He ran studios in NYC that had disco and early hip-hop superstars recording in them in the 70s and 80s. He turned his attention more back to playing and performing in the 90s. Now the Bobby Nathan Band plays constantly. Hear all about them and check out two live songs!! Their blues hits the stage in South Florida on Sunday January 20th, the final day of the 4-day Las Olas Blues Fest – on the lawn at the Riverside Hotel. Get lineup, tickets and VIP info at

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THE MANN SISTERS – A “Spook”tacular Pair

Alexandra and Lauren return to the show with an update from the road. Now based in Nashville, these Miami sisters are doing it all. Creating, writing, playing out live, recording and promoting. Their infatuation with Halloween brings them to Orlando for some scary fun and a telephone interview to share their new singe “Halloween Night”! We take a listen to both the Country and Pop versions and discuss the differences in technical detail. Catch up with them and get more online at and “like’ them on their facebook fan page

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We interrupt this program to share a newer, unearthed version of the classic Procol Harem tune Whiter Shade Of Pale in stereo. It’s almost obviously an all live, all at once take and the detail in the separated recording just makes one of the greatest musical pieces of our time even better. While the sound of the recording is amazing unto itself, the greatest sounding thing in this five minutes is the song. This previously unreleased version has been around for many years but was just recently brought to my attention. The performance is clearly different but played virtually identical to the note as it’s original epic classic¬†predecessor. The drums are played differently…beautifully sloppy yet with plenty of emotion and care. This vocal as mysterious and odd as it is along with its puzzling poetic lyric stands even taller in its timeless beauty. Enjoy this six minutes and let whatever memories it gives you shine through in incredible enhanced fashion. For those of you not familiar with it take a listen to the way they wrote and sang ’em way back in our day! Either way make sure you take the same advice I was given and find those headphones or play this through big speakers and take it all the way in.

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ELIJAH CROSS – Givin’ It Back To You

Power Pop singer songwriter Elijah Cross truly is in the music game for the love of it and not the money. Download his 2012 EP Flawed Designs and “name your price”. He takes it even one step further by giving some of it back! Get all of the details herein as well as two tracks from the EP. We also chat about his name, his training at performing arts school, working in the studio and the real life stories behind his songs.¬†Become a fan and ‘like’ him on facebook and download Flawed Designs from his bandcamp site.

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ALEX WISE – Blurring The Lines Of Genre

For San Fran based singer songwriter Alex Wise his new CD “Blurred” was a chance to reconnect with his cats and his craft after a break of several years. The result is a fine collection of separate and combined styles and genre. Blurred goes from jazz to rock to almost classical. Alex talks about assembling parts from musicians all over the world, the changes in the business, being big in Japan, approaching music as art instead of business, and not being tied to genre classification. Follow him and learn more at

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CHRIS PRICE – Phone Home

If thought your iPhone was a pretty versatile tool, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet! Chris Price recorded his Homesick album entirely and exclusively on his iPhone with a 4 track recording app. Left to his own creative devices he used real locations and excellent mic placement to achieve what many have used dozens of tracks and thousands in gear to match. Be amazed at the sound of this but also take note of some beautifully crafted songs here as well. Download Homesick from iTunes
Visit Chris’ website for more info

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VAL SILIDKER – Loving Life To Its Fullest

Val’s back with details on another mind expanding, unifying event in Miami later this month. The Expand The Love festival will feature amazing music, yoga, fire and hoop performers, vegan and health food vendors, DJs and much more highlighted by the moving Unified Global Peace Prayer. We have all the details plus tracks from 3 of the artists performing.



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