KAIRO – Music Friday

MUSIC FRIDAY – Our studio is now fully equipped for full band performances and the boys from Kairo came by to test out the gear! Patrick, Daniel, Matt, Yaniv and Charlie are making South Florida proud playing gigs around town and recording their first album project. In this session we find out about the name of the band, how they got started and how they put the music together. Plus we hear three of their songs performed completely live in the studio! Follow Kairo’s progress and become a fan by visiting KairoLiveMusic.com and facebook.

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2 Responses to KAIRO – Music Friday

  1. Bea Jacques says:

    Loved your Thursday show. I’m Michael’s mother and remember you way back in the Figment days. You’ve both come a long way since then! Really enjoyed the back-and-forth banter between Mike and you. Funny and fast moving show.

  2. Donna DiFalco says:

    Hey Bill…
    I enjoyed listening to your show… Kairo rocks!! They sounded really good through my Bose computer speakers. I really liked “Crazy Bones”. Those guys are talented musicians. Your first endeavor of showcasing a band playing live was a success. Kudos!


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